Strange theatre Mom will want to see again.

At Vacation Mother, we make live theatre that's different. We like the weird, but we also like a good story. We know that narrative arcs come in all shapes and sizes, that the best themes are the ones you can't describe, and that sometimes the characters that wholly capture our attention are the ones in Aisle 11 down at Walmart. We're a little Ernest Hemmingway and a little Salvador Dalí, and we pair best with local beer.

Like, what is theatre anyway, man?

Our Shows

Blue Line

"Love conquers all" meets "seventh inning stretch."

To say Steve and Jolene Jenkins have hit a rough patch in their marriage would be putting it incredibly mildly. But after a Sunday afternoon of heroism, jealousy, and baseball (and with a little help from one of the locals), these two lovers-turned-enemies will finally dig into their dysfunctional marriage while waiting for the notoriously-late Blue Line.

Photo by Janessa Johnsrude
Photo by Janessa Johnsrude

Frickas Quality Cars

Anything they say can and will be used against them.

This country used to be great. Then folks stopped buying domestic and started buying foreign, and everything went to hell. But Bob Frickas and the whole team at Frickas Quality Cars have just stumbled onto one last shot at personal redemption, and the Cincinnati Auto Show will never be the same again. They're ready for their one phone call.

Photo by Anthony Arnista
Photo by Anthony Arnista

Our Artists

Photo by Tandem Photography

Moses Norton

Santa Cruz's Favorite Son

Moses Norton is an actor, acrobat, and theatre-creator. He has worked as a clown and acrobat for the Los Angeles Opera and the critically-acclaimed physical theatre company Not Man Apart, in addition to producing his own underground immersive theatre experiences. He is also a co-founder of UpLift Physical Theatre.

Photo by Christopher Kehoe

Kaitlen Osburn

100% Free-Range Nashville Debutante

Kaitlen Osburn is a performer, director, and teaching artist. She is a 2014 Princess Grace Award winner, an alumnus of Directors Lab Chicago, and an international collaborator with Bluespots Productions in Germany. She has experience many in theatrical styles, including commedia dell'arte, clown, Balinese shadow puppetry and dance, acrobatics, mask, and buffoon.

Photo by Rich Fleischmann

Christopher Kehoe

The Jerk from Minneapolis

Christopher Kehoe is a performer, playwright, and director. He has devised original productions with Sandbox Theatre and Frank Theatre, and has performed with Jungle Theater, The Strange Capers, the Minnesota Centennial Showboat, and frequently produces as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival. He is the Producing Director of The Peanut Butter Factory.

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